dealsguaranteed 35% off any sports, concert and…


wonder if this includes xxx events?


what the crap is going on? This site is insanely confusing, and they have no tickets for anything.


@mugford: Yeah, something isn't right here. I'm using a Wifi at a car dealership and when I click on the deal it gets blocked by the "Untangle Spyware Blocker", due to www dot dpbolvw dot net

Unfortunate. I think it's just an innocent click-thru, but you never know.


Nothing in my area (Philadelphia). Boo. Booooooo.


So I think the (terrible) idea here is that you pay for seats but it doesn't tell you where exactly your seats are. Just gives you a massive range from really good to pretty bad seats. You put in an "offer" on some seats and submit it to the site and they accept or not.

So the deal here is that they guarantee acceptance of any offer that is 35% less than the listed retail price. Which is not really a deal since most tickets are advertised as 50% off.

I really wish woot would put some effort into who they accepted sponsored deals from.


The offer does not tell you the total price has to be under $300. Wanted lexus seats at jets game 2 tickets with discount are $410, would not take because ithas to be $300 or less


Guaranteed 35% off??? Well the best deal on tickets I could get for Rush in Detroit was 19%.

So yeah, there's that. Not getting the discount promised.


Got 35% percent discount for Lions tickets as promised


I tried to buy jets tickets at the lexus club. Put in all the information then the promo code and it came back the total price of tickets for the promo could not exceed $300. When I dropped the bid on tickets to $$298 it rejected it then locked me out for 24 hours.