dealscomplete national geographic 1888-2009 on 6 dvd…


Looks pretty interesting! Thanks for sharing!

My one concern comes from one reviewer's comment, which makes me think that I would only be able to browse and read the magazines through their custom browser:
"The only complaint I have with the program is the lack of export options for articles. I've been able to do so only by downloading a pdf printer, but since the program splits it into 8-page parts it's not very user friendly."

I generally find custom browsers annoying and frustrating. I wonder whether they'll come out with a simple PDF version, in the future?


@mattiasa: I wouldn't hold your breath for a PDF. After all they are likely trying to prevent piracy, not encourage it.

Of course, since everyone and their nephew has a DVD burner on their PC, the cause is quite nearly lost already.


The reviews on Amazon are mixed -
The good --> it's every page of every magazine for 121 years, that's amazing!
The bad --> it's every page of every magazine for 121 years & the interface is horrible! They're scans, so searching is difficult, it takes up huge disc space, and as mentioned above, the .pdf thing is frustrating

Still in for one. I'm a nature nut, and it beats keeping a library of physical copies.
Couldn't find any free shipping or other discounts for it but still beats Amazon by a ten spot.


Sweet, thank you, in for one!!


Do these contain the ads? Those are almost as much a time-capsule as the magazine content itself.