deals4 ft. inflatable stegosaurus for $12.00


This website won't let me look at the item apparently unless I first "join".


@sparepocket: Just put anything in each of the blanks and it goes on through.


This site is not worth looking at!


@nanaejt: Use a shopping email address.

It's the flash sale arm of Hayneedle, which is a Woot Sponsor. Joining is free.


@lll0228: I assume you are connected some how to TheFoundary since you post at least once a day and many times more than once. I've looked at the site and was not impressed,but post away.


@nanaejt: Are you connected to meritline?

What exactly are people's objections to sites that ask you to register before viewing? Is it the 15 second delay it takes to enter your info? Or is it some perceived privacy issue where the website may glean all of your personal information from a throwaway or even fake email address that you provide?


@nanaejt: No, I am not connected to TheFoundary other than as a very happy customer. This is a deal site, and I just post what I consider good deals. In fact, I just bought a couch from TheFoundary two hours ago that would have cost $1500+ for $500. And it's not some random crap brand, it's from a Californian company well known in the interior design circle. I can't imagine how that is not impressive.

Some Woot staff actually know my background, and have stated clearly to others many times that I am not connected to any of the companies I post. I do it just for fun and to contribute to this fun community.

@stark - thank you. I don't understand those objections either. It's an email, and as a pretty educated engineer in the tech field, I fail to see how using a shopping-only email address amounts to giving out "personal information". Flash sales have so many great brand name products that aren't available otherwise, you know...


@nanaejt: And I just noticed this:

I really have nothing against you, but this is a little over the top in voting down all my postings, regardless of what is posted. I don't know you and would love to ask, politely, that you kindly stop doing so. I don't think this helps this community, which I have been happily involved with for a little while. There are plenty of people who love deals from flash sale sites.

I appreciate it @nanaejt. And thank you in advance.


@nanaejt: Please focus your comments on the deal and not the deal poster. @jumbowoot has talked with @lll0228 on numerous occasions. He is not in any relationship with the sites for which he posts deals.


@thunderthighs: Thank you dear ThunderThighs.

If you are in the SLU campus, I'd love to buy you a drink!


@lll0228: Opened my door this morning to find a box with a Foundry lamp delivered. They have some great stuff at good prices and some overpriced just as with any site one has to do their homework before hitting the "buy" button.

As long as one is not scamming the system and not gaining credit on anyone who clicks thru a link on deals.woot (and those credits can really add up in a major way!) then there shouldnt be any issues - but the Foundry is kinda not gaining any fans by forcing one to join just to see details of their site.