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I have one. Just to let you know, the small is too small for my 18lb jack russell... but, the yorkie acts like it is his castle.


Mine arrived defective. The canopy does not stay up. Can this be returned?


@dsantamo: I don't know that answer, but Customer Service on the sites owned by this company is really good. I found their return policy here.


Or you could buy a name-branded pet bed that your pet actually fits in for a couple dollars more on amazon...

I like how the description of this links to amazon and says "great reviews" when the thing has a 3.8 star review on Amazon, anyone who uses Amazon knows that 3.8 is a poor rating.


@xzelick: Working under the assumption that you really did not intend to be offensive, I followed my link back to Amazon and see that one set of ratings does, indeed show a 3.8 rating, while the other shows a 4.5 rating.

You wrote: "... anyone who uses Amazon knows that 3.8 is a poor rating."

I have used Amazon for years and disagree. Of course, I was in charge of employee performance ratings for over 20 years and regularly preached the value of rating conservatively. I tend to distrust anyone who gives ratings of 5/5. I also suspect that many people who rate a product that they purchased at one price might rate it a bit higher if they were able to purchase it at a lower price (and vice versa). Regardless, when purchasing any item and reading the reviews, I always start with the lowest ratings. Frequently I find that the complaint is about the seller or customer service, not the product itself. In this case, most low ratings were due to the small size of the item.


I got two of these last time. The canopy won't stay open. The plastic tubing that is supposed to support the canopy opening is just not sturdy enough, it collapses. I wouldn't recommend these. Maybe my cats will discover they can burrow under the top, maybe they'll just sleep on top of the canopy... who knows. I should have just bought a cheaper pet bed at Petsmart.


The one I own was a gift. I'm still recommending it since my yorkie loves it. Floppy canopy and all.

The canopy isn't supposed to stay open. Notice the pictures. The plastic rod is only there so your pet can lift the edge and burrow inside.

Anyone who shops on Amazon also knows that many ratings are skewed. People with a beef are more likely to take out their anger by posting "reviews" than those who are satisfied...