dealsbatman throwing stars - 3pc black bat king…


Not sure if it differs from location but to FL.

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Sorry for the double post. Looked online for coupons and found two.

Both are 5% off, FIND5 and SAVE5.

You can only use one and with that being said only takes it off the subtotal so .59 cents was taken off.

For what its worth saves you a bit if your a penny pincher.

Still contemplating whether or not to buy.


Pretty sure people having the money to stock up on Batarangs is a solidly positive economic indicator.


I would advise against owning these in California or Massachusetts.


They are currently Out of Stock


just so you know, stainless steel shatters.


@veejayxl: are throwing knives illegal in Mass?


Again with the Batman throwing stars.

Does the woot demographic really buy throwing stars that much?


@thedogma: I know that blades of that design are illegal in California. Usually the catalogs I get have Massachusetts and California as having the same restrictions. I cannot attest that it is 100% illegal, I'd just not want to have it on me if I was living there and stopped by an officer of the law. It's a misdemeanor in California.