dealsnokia lumia 521 no contract for t-mobile…


If I wasn't grandfathered into unlimited data plan for my iPhone with AT&T this would be a serious contender. I still can't believe that you can buy the phone outright for 100 bucks. Is Microsoft subsidizing the cost of the hardware to get more people on Win?

I know a few people with this phone and they love it. I've seen it in action and think it's pretty pretty good.


If it only had a better camera and supported LTE, I'd consider it.


@fuzi719: If only it wasn't T-Mobile I would consider it also.


@jnissel @sean808080: This is the regular price for the Lumia 520 at AT&T. The phone is pretty much the same, no contract.


I bought one of these to use offline/WiFi only. The Nokia music and maps are great when you don't have or don't want to use data.

With the free music and maps you can:
- Download 4 different stations which totals about 8 hours of music. These can be user created and customized (think Pandora).
- Download maps (roads + locations) for any number of countries. I get terrible cell service while driving through West Virginia and this is useful as a GPS or finding somewhere specific to go. For being an offline reference it's surprisingly thorough.


I bought this phone for my wife and she loves it. We have Wal-Mart's Family Mobile through T-Mobile and this phone works great with it. No unlocking required (and costly to unlock). The display is not as sharp as more expensive Windows 8 phones but for the price it's truly a steal!


I would imagine this could be used on PTEL. I have used a T-mobile carrier locked phone on there before.


If it's a no contract item, T-Mobile is one of the better ones about sending you an unlock code; then you could use it on any sim carrier (not Verizon). Once you get the unlock code, you put in the "other" sim card and it will ask for the code.

Too bad you can't pre-emptively unlock them like an iPhone :/
Luckily, I have friends stuck on AT&T....


Hands down, this is the best smartphone bargain out there. I bought this back in June when it was $120; it's been very stable, pretty intuitive, and have not found the lack of apps for WP8 being an issue for me. The native support for Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is a huge plus, along with offline GPS.

@th3madhatter: Yep. I'm on PTel.


I bought this from my gf about 5 months ago. She has it on T-Mobile. They were able to send us the unlock code before we went to Europe. (It is definitely crappy U.S. system that you buy something outright but have to ask "permission" to actually use it somewhere else.)

Anyway, she likes it well enough. But one of the really bad things is that when there is an update you have to do a hard reset of the phone. When you do this you loose anything saved on the phone so you have to do a backup of the phone. Well, as far as we can tell a "backup" of the phone doesn't backup everything so she has to redo a lot of the stuff she did before. She actually did an upgrade of the phone about a month ago and we haven't done the hard reset yet because I haven't had time to do the backup and she doesn't have time to redo all her settings. But just doing the update has screwed up the WiFi calling feature which is the main feature she used.




@thormj: Or you can switch to Straight Talk and order the At&T Sim or micro sim if ya wanted to use an iphone, and for $45.00 a month (unlimited) you can use any phone on thge GSM Network. (Tmobile or AT&T)


@rls5098: Can u load it with mp3s? Back in the day I paid $230 for a 10GB refurbed iRiver...


@th3madhatter: I am using this phone on PTEL. It works very well with T-Mobile's network on GSM. No complains. Signals are much better compared to old Sprint's CDMA network.


I found this phone and I really like it and I decided to buy it, but I do not know the manufacturer, if you can help me to find out the manufacturer, or if anyone has this phone, let me know whether to buy it or not?


@dani65: maybe go to a tech forum or talk to your provider?