dealsviotek wireless gaming long range 2.4ghz 7-button…


Decent reviews on amazon

(Well.. I am writing this review about 10 feet away on my couch and cant notice any lag. I have played Skyrim , Farcry 3 and Borderlands 2 with this setup so far and i have noticed 0 lag and no lost signal.

* easy to install
* small usb reciever compared to similar MS keyboard
* nice feel and silent typing on the keyboard
* mouse is very responsive and seems semi-durable
* standard key layout.. no stupid gimmicky key config..
* super neato design will look good with many super cool gaming computer cases
* slightly cheaper material (But for the price very durable!)
* Interferes my with Belkin usb wireless adapter sometimes
* kind of looks like something a 14 year old kid would own..

over all i got to say while testing this product to write this quick 30 second reciew,i am impressed. I feared i would be getting much more disturbance with my signal but that has proved to be wrong..)