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Not a bad deal at all! This is one of WD's "green" drives so expect lower power consumption and lower speeds. They hide the actual speed of these drives, but you can be sure it's around 5400-5900 RPM. It's a great storage drive, but a bit slow for a main boot drive. I have one of these in my HTPC and it works great. If you need space to store some extra files - especially infrequently accessed video and such, this will work great.


I bought 3 of these drives, 2 of them died in the first year.

WD replaced them w 3TB models, so I guess it all worked out.

If you intend to use these drives, make sure you have good backups! These drives just don't last.


Awesome timing, Firebirddude! I just bought a little file server and I wanted a couple of green drives to start it out with. I would give you a high-five. Thanks for the big cash savings! I wil use the extra $44 to brew a beer in your honor.


I have six of these drives in total - I bought them last year, before the floods, when they were about this price. Yes, they are not as fast as the black series, but for massive data storage like videos, photos, etc, they are great. I play Bluray quality mkv videos off of them all of the time without a hitch. The only thing you should know is that the firmware on these is inappropriate for use in a RAID system. Other than, this is a great deal.


Same Promo code worked on the 3 TB version as well. With INSTANT Savings plus the promo, just bought a 3 tb for 130.94 including shipping. Good hunting.


when these drives first came out I got one that was DOA then the replacement died, I don't recommend these for longevity. For the money I just waited for the Samsung 2TB F4 drive to drop in price.


Finally the prices are almost back to where they were originally.


@mucci2k: I have an older samsung F4 too. They don't make them anymore though. They're seagate barracudas now with a samsung logo printed on (too bad). (zoom in on that picture of the F4 on newegg to check it out...)


These are great drives. I've personally installed them in countless DVR systems for business video monitoring appliances. Their low power consumption and quiet by design performance make them ideal for appliance or HTPC installations.


Deal is dead.
They now are $109.99 AFTER you put in the coupon.


Variable speed spindles make for dead RAID arrays. Just a word of warning.


@harobikes333: It still works for me. Check the Grand Total at the bottom of your cart.


Code just worked for me... In for 2...


Good deal, I picked one up for 110 recently. Being a green drive it's slow, but great for secondary/USB drives (which is what the mfr. recommends them for).

Note that some of the negative reviews refer to bad packaging, mine was packed extremely well so they must have learned from previous mistakes.


@mambojuice: Damn, I wanted to replace my 2x 500GB RAID0 array, I'm running out of space.


@sunsparc: da faq u running raid0 for? U understand how raid works?


lol go figure prices start to level off after the floods, and now the eastern seaboard of the US is flooded. Isn't it ironic...don't ya think?


I've had four of the 1TB Green drives running in a RAID 5 for about sixteen months without an issue (WHS 2011).

This seems to be the prefered drive for upgrading TiVo Premieres. It is fast enough to do what it needs to do.


Code is still working. I have been using these as storage drives for several years now, and they work very well in that role. I have 2 WD 750 GB in this machine and they have been champs for 4 years now. I'm getting ready to built a new one, so I order two of these. One will go in the new machine, I may throw the other in there, or put in in my WHS box until I decide what I'm going to do with that.


@sunsparc: I was going for storage expansion, not mirroring. If I had two more, I'd RAID10 it.


I find it odd that people are talking about speeds for green drives.

Greens are for low power consumption and their variable RPM spindles make them less reliable.

Blacks and Raptors are for speed but this also makes them less reliable.

Blues are for reliability and good speed and this is the drive you want if you want them to last. My main HDD is an SE drive(a blue before they called it a blue) and it's been running my operating system 24/7 for 7 YEARS. If you want your money to count and you aren't an energy conservationist, stay away from greens. Get a blue.