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Was $0.78 when I first clicked the it's up to $0.80.
What kind of Mickey Mouse deal is this!


Well its under a buck because it's not officially licensed, and made/shipped from China.


Yeah, probably not licenced.
Where can I get a catholic mickey mouse candle?
Walt Disney was such a saint...


@polysorbate: Not sure why you got a down vote, but I agree. I am a very big fan of the Disney corp, but Walt Disney was not a saint. Look at some of the WWII cartoons.


@coondogg97: yeah, those world war two Disney cartoons mobilizing America against the nazis were just terrible... #WTF


Reviews: very small cookies, dubious build quality, super long delivery time.


Kind of small, made in china, doesn't look like great quality, so it seems to have all the makings of an officially licensed item. Bought one because after all, it was less than a buck. A Disney park would overprice it at like $5 for one.


in for 1, but since it's from China it's probably made of a lead-cadmium alloy, coated with melamine. Meh, my kids have been annoying me lately anyway....


An unlicensed Chinese Mickey Mouse cookie-cutter? No thanks.


@kamikazeken: Find a cookie cutter not made in China.


I got mine yesterday. They are way smaller than the Disney Cookie Cutters. Maybe 1/5th the size. I knew that, because these seemed good for cutting cheese and other things into Mickey Shapes.

I paid $.72 for them got 4 for under $3.

The shape isn't perfectly Mickey Mouse Shaped, but very similar to the Sargento Mickey Shaped Cheese Snacks. They are a fairly heavy aluminum, seem stronger than the offical Mickey Cutters, but may not cut as well as they could since they are not sharp.

The 4 I got came shrink wrapped together and took several weeks to arive. I have Mickey Egg Rings, Cookie Cutters and now these. So we could cut almost anything into a Mickey Shape.