deals50% off selected db logic headphones


after doing a few min or research before following the heard of down votes, these are a great deal

the amazon reviews are about as good as can be and at 34.99 on amazon , the 50% off 17.49 and free shipping deserves up votes

with this deal

Standard Shipping FREE
Promotional Discount($17.50)
Order Total$17.49

the over the ear model has great reviews as well and cost 49.99

or with this deal

Standard Shipping FREE
Promotional Discount($25.00)
Order Total$24.99

if i needed some headphones I would be on this deal


I'm in for one...worth a try! Thanks for info fit410s! Helped seal the deal.


I think I'll pass. Looking at the Amazon reviews, a lot are suspicious as for the over the ears, 3 of the 5 were made on Aug 21st 2012 and only 1 of the 5 are verified purchasers and gave it only 3 stars.


I think I see why this item had to be sponsored. Where's the setting for putting the top 5 most popular deals at top instead?


Tempted for the deal, as the 1/2 price + FS makes them quite reasonable, and the fact that the eartips are actually a double bulb instead of the single found on most discount in-ear headphones I think they would probably stay put better... that's always my biggest problem. Anyone have a similarly priced headset with similar design eartips for comparision?

pow pow

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