dealsthe best of whose line is it anyway? dvd for $9.99


This was a great show, although it did start causing me to question how much improv was really going on (especially in later episodes) when the skits were very elaborate and seemingly well thought out. If they really were spontaneous, those guys sure are talented. I just feel like they may have been given a little more time or info than the audience was led to believe. Either way, it was very funny.


@wnyx585am: if you go to youtube and look for bloopers or uncensored for the show, it will quickly become apparent that there are multiple 'takes' when making the show, thus giving the artists more time to think or adjust. Still though, they are extremely talented.


Man, first Dancing Bear now this.. Is nothing reality anymore?


Fans of this show may recall an Elvis Costello-looking-fellow named Greg Proops, who has a hysterical live podcast called The Smartest Man In The World Proopcast. Highly recommended.


Man - after seeing that it is 300 minutes in length, I might just pull the trigger. It would be a no-brainer at $5, but for 5 hours, $10 doesn't seem so bad.



Wife LOVED this show. Pulled the trigger. Thank you for posting!


If it were all Scenes from a Hat, I'd get it in a heartbeat. As is, I think I'll just stick with Youtube clips


This was the first show I can remember being "stolen" from the Brits (shortly followed by The Weakest Link). Now it seems we're constantly stealing from them.


I don't know if I will still find it funny, but the first time I saw the episode featuring Richard Simmons I laughed until I cried


@rayray8822: US shows based on UK shows is nothing new or unusual. I don't know what the absolute first one was but it goes back at least to the early 70s: Sanford & Son is based on Steptoe & Son, and Lotsa Luck was based on On the Buses.


Best of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"? So, $10 for two minutes of footage? No thanks,


Out of stock and no longer at that price


@jeffabecker: I was able to get it at that price by looking in the "More Buying Choices" options on the right hand side.