dealssamsung - 11.6" geek squad certified refurbished…


I considered buying this when it came out late last year, but it was rarely in stock. I did try it in the store - good keyboard for a portable, screen is nice but matte - worse for multimedia, better for avoiding glare for working. Battery life is outstanding, and it boots up amazingly fast. All in all, a very nice deal for the price.


The best part is, if Geek squad actually had their hands on, it probably never had issues in the first place! The just wanted to sell a new computer!

...or... It's not actually fixed. or.. it's not actually a computer...

Careful, you may get a box of rocks buying from Geek squad..


Recently, the Chromebook with a spinning hard drive was also on sale refurbished for the same price, but this is a much better deal. The whole point of a Chromebook is to use as an instant-on laptop for web browsing with a tablet or smart phone won't do. For that, you need the SSD.

It has its limits, but at this price, it's a steal, especially since you can easily use crouton to put on a quasi-official Ubuntu front-end with little effort and almost use it as a Linux machine. If you want a more complete machine, just throw OpenOffice on it and you're set. Just don't expect to do much photo editing on it.

That said, my old (and slow) Cr-48 still is doing its job, so I don't see a need to buy up, yet.


Just got one - I'd been keeping my eyes open for a deal on a refurbished one.

I've been using one of these exact Chromebooks since December, and it's pretty good for a portable computer. The keyboard's big enough (really important for me), the battery life is pretty awesome, and if you don't mind dealing with storing things in the cloud, you can accomplish a lot with a Chromebook. It's not a "horsepower computer," you'll probably want a more robust computer at home for tasks that demand it, but especially for the price, I've found my Chromebook to be many times more useful than my tablet.


I bought one of the first ones off the line on the buzz that they were going to meld the Android OS and Chrome OS. That never happened, Probably never will.

If you need a very sturdy ultra-light notebook that boots up with lightning speed and has a solid keyboard this might fit the bill. The Google voice is pretty good if you speak slowly and distinctly. Very good battery life. Since I can't run one particular Android app, mine sits on the table and seldom used. If you are paranoid of cloud-based computing, then this isn't for you. A hard drive is really not needed since SD cards tha thumb drives are getting so large..
Google, to their credit have left open the developer's dongle and some people are dropping the Chrome OS and installing Linux. (URLs with the details are on the web)
Mine sits on the shelf until I feel motivated to install Linux.
If you don't need a keyboard and value your privacy, get a Nexus 7.


hmm. i was about to pull the trigger but went to read some reviews. when i came back the price was $199.99!!

We're Totally Flummoxed (WTF).


@docflash: Yeah I might've bought it as an impulse purchase at the $169.99 price but at $200 it's no longer an impulse buy for me