dealsbeautiful 6” tanto blade, horn handle, etched…


Ordered a knife from them 3 months ago and it's still not here. Similar woot deal!!!


Ordered one from them months ago. I got it after a month plus.

I paid about $20+ for the dagger; sheath is extra. It's really too small to be of any use and I doubt the metal quality is anything. The is OK made. The back of button to the stays that's supposed to keep the knife in the sheath scratches the handle. Knowing what I do now, I would buy it.

Spend the $20 or so bucks on the Kershaw on the laalo deal going on now.


@first2summit: Oh okay good so there is hope :). I heard they may be a scam from some people.


It took me 6 weeks to get my knife from these guys. I tried to contact them to figure out what the hold up was but they wouldn't respond. I had to file a complaint with PayPal to get them to ship me the items. Also, they are not funcional knives. They are too small, so unless you want them to sit around looking nice and don't mind waiting forever with no word or response, then go right ahead and take a chance. I ordered from them on Woot.


@first2summit: I couldn't find the deal you are referring to. Can you post a URL?


@smorloc: Well, if I had to guess..

A search of the site for in Woot shows this one two months ago. When you did your search, make sure you weren't using an L instead of a 1.


@artimid: My bad. I was referring to @first2summit comment:

"Spend the $20 or so bucks on the Kershaw on the laalo deal going on now."

I couldn't find that deal...


@smorloc: The website is, and they have a Kershaw 3", really nice little knife, for $18.00. Sale ends tomorrow, so hustle on over if you want one.


Just don't get why people would order from this company if they take so long to ship an item.Very slow shipping tells me this site is marginal at best.


@smorloc: Here's the laalo deal for the Kershaw Clash folder w their assisted opener. Good brand, good blade materal, their Speedsafe assisted opener, 3" blade.

laalo charges a $5 shipping per item (but so what unless you're buy more than one). It's about $20+ on Amazon so the diff is a few bucks depending on Prime or not.


I see this guy is back with more junk and yet ANOTHER website. Don't waste your money. I made better sheaths in Boy Scouts, and the knife itself, with it's ridiculous taper and amateur file work, is comical. And, "etched spine"? WTF is that? If you want to sell knives, even CCC like this, you've gotta at least learn the terminology.


Well crap...went in for one before reading the comments, wont do that again. Ended up being $22 after 5 for shipping too. Eh hopefully I'll enjoy my knife in a few months when it arrives.


Ok, fellow Wootizens, I took one for the team on this deal. I was initially very interested, but I read the comments and was about to walk away. But, for what I wanted this for (something to put on my belt as I worked in the yard) great quality wasn't completely necessary. A folder wasn't the best, mainly because there is plenty of dust kicked up in my yard so a folder would get messed up fast.

They say that this is going to ship in 6 business days. If I don't get a shipping notice by the end of next week I'll try and get in touch with the powers that be here on Deals and let them know that they probably don't want to do business with this vendor any more. Woot doesn't take any responsibility for the deals people post, but in the past if sponsored deal turned bad they wouldn't do business with them any more. The sponsored deals do reflect something on Woot as a whole.


The deal is SPONSORED... hence no deal imho since they pay to push those "Damascus Folded" steel blade knives.

Shipping took forever! I would not recommend this to anyone!

Read this from previous deal: