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@lude55: I'm sure with a phone call you can get yourself a credit. There are probably a lot of pissed off people in your shoes.


Discover Card owners get 5% cash back on all online purchases up to $1500, so keep that in mind. Discover recently started matching American Express' "we double the manufacturer's warranty up to an extra year" program too.


I just called Amazon because I purchased a Kindle Fire HD on Dec. 4th and asked them if they would refund $50 since they went in sale and they were happy to!


Discover card users also get 1-day shipping free w/ code: DSCVRHSP


This deal is too good to pass up.


@lude55: From what I hear their giving credit...give them a call.


GREAT deal if you are looking for a media tablet!


What timing!!!! I just paid $314. a week ago! How crappy can that be??


In for one, non-adsupported version wasn't much more expensive. Thanks!


Just got off the phone with Amazon customer service. They said that, unfortunately, the 1-day shipping code for Discover card users is NOT available for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" tablet. She told me that it wouldn't even ship until the 17th (just ordered one 15 minutes ago), so they're probably getting slammed with orders for these.


I wonder how many people are not going to read the part about the coupon code?

the code works for both versions!


I'd be shocked if they gave credit. They stopped doing this about 3 years ago and have held fast to it. Even as a Prime member, they won't do it on stuff even if the price dropped overnight by a significant amount. Just my experience, maybe you'll use a nice tone on the shoe phone.