dealsdomino's pizza 50% off


The only time we get their gluten free pie is when they run this deal. Otherwise it's normally too expensive. It's really good for gluten free pizza.


remember this works only for pizza: build your own, gluten free, artisan or specialty pizza

its a great time to try the gluten free or artisan pizza


why did i have to start eating health -- I have been waiting for this for a year! and i just started a thing with the wifey to eat health....shame i will have to miss out. This deal is awesome when you made ultimate pizzas with 10+ toppings :/ A mere 10% gets you a large uber pizza -- So heart broken. People keep up voting so people know!


@fit410s: he does not know. the short bus he took, yes.


The last time I had Domino's was the last time I will have Domino's.


Just forwarded this to work- the boss WILL buy lunch when it's this cheap!


@havocsback: Must be nice. :) We don't even get free coffee.


We're having a moving party on the 3rd. Looks like we're serving pizza!!!


small gluten free ( only comes in small) cheese no toppings ( extra sauce is free) in the washington dc area costs:

Carry out ( delivery would add a $2 fee)

Food & Beverage: $5.49
Taxes: $0.55
Order Total: $6.04
You Saved: $5.50

do you all get the same price?


@fit410s: Yep. Works with multiple za's, too.


Not valid at all Domino's. It worked fine for me (Kansas City, MO) but a friend in a very rural area in Missouri got a "We're sorry, this location is not participating in this promotion." message when selecting his local Domino's. They dont even deliver in his location. But hey, that's what he gets for living out in 10-buck-2. :)


The only pizzas I like from Domino's are their Artisan pizzas. Normally they are too much for what you get (I can get the same size pizza from an Italian restaurant, with a salad, for less). But when they run this deal, I can't pass them up.


im becoming addicted to the butter chewy slightly crispy crust of the gluten free.

when i eat the artisan crust along side of the gluten free, then you can really tell the difference.

the gluten free is so much better and lighter IMO