dealsnice almonds 9 oz. for $2.99


Walgreens corporate rejected the brand name "Not Bad!"


I bought these the last time I saw them go on sale - more than a year ago and I still have 75% of the cans that I purchased because these things taste so lousy. From the go, these things were very dry, tasted over roasted/burnt and had next to no seasoning (I get it - light seasoning is part of the appeal here, but perhaps a bit more seasoning would have helped in masking the bad flavor of these nuts)... By far, the honey roasted were the best, due to them having significant flavoring. The lightly salted and the smoked have proven to be inedible.


I buy these whenever they go on sale because walgreens is close to where I work. I've never had a problem with them. The taste was good and the light salt was enough (still a tiny bit much for my taste but I only like a little). I'll drop in today and pick up a few more to leave at my desk.


@jayrookie: makes me sound gay but im secure in my masculinity.


Nooice! (Key & Peele, anyone?)


Find us a deal on Schweddy Balls too and I'm sure many more will wrap their taste buds around this deal. Who can resist Nice and Schweddy nuts and balls.


Bought a cannister of these a while back. They were good, but surprisingly, the Nice cannister seemed to last longer than comparable brands. I guess Nice nuts finish last.


Beware its exp. date are 04/2014. Do not stock up too many, otherwise it will pass the exp. date.


Sorry, sale is over. All are back to regular price.