dealsmacaroni grill $7 off any entree


Don't forget to take in your yellow envelopes and have a manager open it on top of the $7 deal (for those that went over the past few weeks)


One coupon per party not good unless you are eating by yourself.


This is a killer deal for lunch. Their pick 3 is $10 - $7 = $3 plus tax (ordered online, coupon code 90). That's decent portions of three items from their list + their slab of bread for $3 + tax. If you've ever thought about trying them and you haven't, this is the promo to use.

@wooter2013, check with your local shop. I asked mine about it - it's one per check, so separate checks = separate discounts. :) YMMV.

Plus the coupons that @hookhams mentions - usually 10% off, but you never know.


Great, now a small plate of spaghetti only costs $22