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It doesn't purify water at all, in fact it makes the water even more impure.... This is a disinfectant.

Also, it's not even close to the most economical. This bottle has a finite size whereas water purification systems can be used over and over.


Polar pure has sold over 1,000,000 bottles since its inception.
It has been used by professional campers, hikers, climbers and members of the military during there combat missions. and has been dubbed the most economical way because of its efficiency and many its size ( room is vital to campers),
The reviews speak for themselves.
Please dont comment on a product if you dont know what it is.


@xzelick: lol, for a long time you could not get these. the price more than doubled as the government were hoarding it. Some how some vendor must have had a secret stash but this is an excellent product and that little bottle treats more water then you could dream of. I am glad that more of these are available for purchase so i can get more. One they dry up, you will wish you had gotten some. These bottles were fetching 60-70.00 ea.


@benzg35: Please do not reply to comments if you either did not read them or have no comprehension of the english language. I did not say that this product is a bad disinfectant, I said that the poster of this deal is grossly misinformed as to what this product is. It is not a purifier and it is not the most economical way to purify. It is great at what it DOES DO, pay more attention next time fella.

Remove contaminants from.

This isn't removing any contaminents, it adds iodine to kill and destroy them - then you drink the destroyed/dead pieces and the iodine.


This is a reusable system. Xzelick you don't know what you are talking about. I have used it many times for back packing, and have purified some nasty looking water with it. It does work. It is the best system out there. It is small, easy to pack, and can purify many many gallons of water.

Do not believe in charcoal filters, they do not kill all water born pathogens.