dealsuno 40th anniversary edition card game for $0.99


code puzstore will get you an extra 10% off your 1st order.


I found the catch ! shipping $7.95 .


That;s funny- retro graphics... my deck is that old that it has those original graphics!


so uno weve kept your little game alive for 40 years. u wanta bone us with 99c cards and 7.95 shipping. weak
sites broke btw
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These were $1 at Target a while back, we bought like 4 decks... It looks super cool, I love the old style graphics. =)


@c45513 But if you bought 4 decks it wasn't Uno any more, it was Quatro. Hardly the same game!


yup Target and Walgreens had them at $1,I stocked up for gifts :P


so by 'retro graphics', the cards actually say "draw 2", and "reverse", instead of "random symbol you have to look at the directions to figure out"? Yeah, I like that better. Takes off cranky old man hat


I see you wooters broke our site! All hail the power of the woot :P The deal is still alive and well and has been since yesterday morning. Remember the $7.95 shipping is a flat rate for orders in the Continental United States, so stock up on toys and it brings the overall cost per piece down! This game has been one our most popular items this year, stock up before they are all gone!

btw currently we do have a coupon where if you order $40.00 or more you can get 15% off your entire order of in-stock items. that's $6.00+ off right there and would definitely save on the shipping ;-)


I bought these a few months ago at a Target for the same price. Great looking cards, but not worth the website's flat shipping rate if you are only buying one deck of UNO cards.