dealsoh no...zombies board game for $16.99


amazon has it for 18 and its eligible for super saver shipping if you get to 25.


Or, if you want actually to play a GOOD zombie board game, check out Last Night on Earth:

Here it is for $37.70 shipped:

Yeah, that's twice as expensive. But for the price, you'll get a game that you might actually want to play again.

Or you could buy Oh No... Zombies, show it to your friends, yell "ZOMG zombies LOL," get bored after ten minutes, and toss it in the back of the closet to rot. Your call.


i haven't played this game before, but i can definitely vouch for Last Night on Earth being really fun.


I'd bet that "Oh No... Zombies" results in a lot less heated rules arguments than Last Night on Earth though, since that rulebook was written by monkeys, and those monkeys were probably also D students.

(That said, Last Night on Earth is still a blast to play.)


Here's another shout out for Last Night on Earth. It's a totally awesome game. Yeah, there are a lot of weird rules that result in arguments, but it's a game that's meant to be adapted, so make up your own house rules and then stick to them.


(sigh) is this fad over yet or what?


@nicholas10290: (Sigh) Are people who don't particularly like zombies, going to stop bitching about what the rest of us purchase yet?