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@ohcheri Awesome
From the AAA Website:
AAA Clubs Currently Offering a Tipsy Tow Program
AAA Arizona (Statewide)
AAA Auto Club South (Statewide in Florida, Georgia, West and Middle Tennessee. Program is called "Tow-to-Go")
AAA Hawaii
AAA Merrimack Valley operates the "TOWEDD" program (Towing Operators Working to Eliminate Drunk Driving) From December 16th-January 1st
AAA Montana - (Missoula, Bozeman, Helena and Billings)
AAA New Mexico
New Jersey Auto Club (Morris, Essex and Union counties only)
AAA Nevada (Statewide)
AAA Northern & Southern California (Statewide)
AAA Oklahoma (Metro Tulsa, Metro Oklahoma City, Shawnee, Bartlesville, Enid, Muskogee and Lawton)
AAA South Dakota (Tipsy only in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Mitchell and Yankto )
AAA Texas
AAA Tidewater Virginia (Greater Hampton Roads area including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton, Poquoson, Yorktown, and Williamsburg. Program is called 'Tow-to-Go")
AAA Utah (Statewide)



While this is decidedly better than drunk driving, it should NOT be used casually. Conventional towing is damaging for your car, and is almost impossible to do without serious harm if you have AWD. Unless you can arrange a flatbed truck (unlikely, due to cost and rarity), do NOT take this lightly.


@ocheri, Excellent Find!!, I won't be driving. I hope that those who do carries this number.


I just sent the story to my local radio stations & my local CBS Station.

Lets gets the word out so we can keep the roads safer this year..


not to mention your a total douche if you get wasted and plan on taking advantage of this


@psaux: "Conventional towing is damaging for your car"
Really? Citations?
I just have a difficult time believing that 99% of repossessed vehicles are knowingly damaged.


@holdingontowater: Personally, I'd rather see someone doing this than thinking they're ok to drive home when they're hammered (yet they don't necessarily feel know, that point where you start feeling clear-headed, but you're still drunk), and then they hurt/kill someone. I think it's a good backup plan, albeit not a perfect one.

And PLEASE, if you use this, TIP THE TOW TRUCK DRIVER! He's staying sober and driving your drunk self home on new years.


@havocsback: First off, repossessors generally drive the car away. As they're acting as agents of a party with a legitimate claim to the car, they'll often have keys or other access device one way or another. For higher-value stuff that may be difficult, I've often heard of them flatbedding, which is fine as long as they're careful.

Second, for AWD, read what these tow-truck drivers say about it: (ignoring the original poster, who the others all cite as having been lucky) ... alternately, consult the manual of just about ANY AWD car. (Incidentally, I know from experience what one tower on that page says about Volvos isn't entirely true ... my AWD Volvo uses a Haldex unit that doesn't disengage, and MUST be flatbedded (dollies only work at very low speed) )

Third, I'd suggest googling around about tow damage ... you'll find a lot of results covering drive-train issues, which was what I originally meant, but also lots of cosmetic.


@acrobg: I'd say the ranking should go something like this ...

1) Take a limo
2) Take a cab
3) Take public transportation
4) Park the car somewhere safe so you can leave it if you need to and
a) take a cab back ... or ...
b) go home with someone in walking distance (hehe)
5) Use this service


lmao really guy towing damages your car? esp awd? thats why they have a neutral gear


@source7769: OK, I just bothered to dig out that (authoritative, given it's a tow-driver site) link for the other lazy guy who didn't bother to look for himself, and you're not even going to bother to read that?

Neutral just decouples the engine from the drivetrain, that does nothing to protect the AWD mechanisms... especially mechanical ones.

You guys are making me feel like this:


@psaux: I've had AAA for years and have had to use their towing service 3 times on 3 different cars in college...I've always had a flatbed truck come, regardless of what kind of car it was. I actually rarely see conventional tow trucks anymore, except for Seattle city parking enforcement. Now THOSE guys will do some damage to your car, but it isn't (just) because of the towing.

@ohcheri: you very rarely get upvotes from me (wait, never :P), but you will today :D


@meh3884: Sounds like you live in a great area to break down. :)


to re-quote what i said on another thread, i've seen this posted about all over e-kingdom come this year. considering the publicity, you are highly likely to be sober by the time they get to you.


Thanks for the link Neighbor, but I'm staying home tonight.

We have friends coming over, and we are prepared for people to spend the night.


@killjoy: I'm a big fan of the "prepared for people to spend the night" part ... post-party adult slumber-parties are fun ... plus there's a chance of getting one of the guests to make you breakfast. :P



actually im just going to sit at home and play WoW....

Use the service.


As a AAA member I'd be pretty pissed if I had a legitimate issue with my vehicle and I had to wait an inordinate amount of time for AAA to assist me because they were too busy taking care of some irresponsible douchebag. And don't give me the "but they're saving lives!" bs... this is simply an advertising campaign that's less expensive than paying for one otherwise.


@psaux: "my AWD Volvo uses a Haldex unit" Uh-huh. Just answered a lot of questions right there.
I see a lot of cars get repoed around Dallas, and, unless they're high end, and possibly some AWD(I've honestly never asked), it just sounds like you're quoting some forums that profess to know fact, but in fact just really prefer flatbed towing.
That's fine, but if I have to pick between having a friend drive drunk or POSSIBLE damage to their precious auto, I'll take having them alive, thanks.
I can live with that choice.
Fact is, it's a great service and this is great publicity for them. Let 'em do it.


just wanted to check back in here...i'm still downtown waiting for my free tow home :'(