dealsar ecoficient surge protector usb rj45 rj11 6…


Something very wrong about the wording here.


I just got this on a regular Woot for like $20. Seems good, so far.


I bought two and they work, as long as you have enough juice running through the Ecoficient outlet; otherwise the managed outlets won't power up.


Price??? This page shows $5 + shipping. Hit "I Want One" and new screen shows much higher cost.


Wording of offer is bad as noted. The prices are 12.99... SHIPPING is $5 for your order.
I have two from last time these were offered. USB power use causes a slight buzzing sound (not bad). As noted the ECO outlets are not powered unless the power use in the controlling outlet is high enough. My laptop brick when charging turns on the ECO outlets, when it is not charging the trickle current used won't power on the ECO outlets.


I have issues with this so-called surge protector. The specs don't address a number of very important items.

1. They don't show a UL rating for this item.

2. They don't show a clamping voltage which should not be higher than 400 volts. The lower the better.

3. They don't show a response time. You want a surge protector that responds in less than one nanosecond.

4. They don't tell you if MOVs, or a cheaper less reliable, way is being used to protect your equipment.

5. I can't tell if it has an indicator light or not. If there isn't an indicator light, you won't know if your protector is still working properly or if has simply turned into a regular power strip.

There are several other items but these are the most important.


@jnissel: All important questions to the educated consumer.

Having said's $12.99.