deals8 pc. standard 12 pt. combination wrench set…


Comes up as $16.99 for metric, for me.

Edit: both sets show up as $16.99, even though clicking on the main link shows $9.99.


This only gets discounted for me to $16.99 when I put it in the cart (which is where it claims the discount happens). Anyone else having that happen?


19.99 for me! wheres the deal?


mine too. crazy!!im calling sears when they open? see if they will honor


This was a good deal while it lasted, hope everyone gets one that tried at the $9.99 price. I will expire this since it's no longer that price. I wil say they are still worth it at $16.99


$9.99 deals were for 4 August only (Sears website), guess prices changed at midnight. I was able to get both last night at about 1130pm online for pick up at my local store today....