dealsburger king - free onion rings 2/4 & 2/5 for $0.00


February 4th and 5th and facebook account required you must like them on Facebook.


@gideonfrost: actually, it doesn't look like you need to like them on Facebook. i 'liked' them just to see if it gave me a link to a coupon or something. but, after liking them, it just says:

"Come into Burger King to get your free onion rings"


If you're thinking of giving your girlfriend a ring this Valentine's Day season, this is probably the cheapest (and yummiest) way.


@tsfisch: ...also, depending on your girlfriend, the tastiest way to make yourself single.


Why would anyone get onion rings at burger king, free or not? The only possible reason could be if you're fat and you hate yourself.


Thats ok kayak206...Im not fat and I don't hate myself but i want an order of onion rings!! Glad this is a FREE country and your not in charge! :)


I have never tried BK onion rings, and here is my opportunity to do so. Plus, how can anyone, except kayak206, argue with FREEEEEEEEEEE!!?? Thanks for the deal!


Yep, I'm all over this like a fat kid eating onion rings!


Have they changed them or is this just a promotion to get people in the stores?


@kayak206: I think the person who avoids eating what they want is the one hating themselves. What do you have against your body that you think one serving of onion rings is going to ruin your health?


@oddlyjen: the tv has had a couple commercials about them now, they keep saying "new"