dealscharmeuse and lace teddy, purple, berry or teal…


deal of the day is awesome today


can you tie em in a know can you tie em in a bow.....not hers!!!


I am soooo glad these are coming back into style. Was'nt married in the 80's and they have been gone since. Gonna be fun in a few weeks!!!


Why does every comment here have multiple downvotes? Is it because they don't like the style or they don't like lingerie deals?


@wnyx585am: I have a very active anti-fan club out there :)


@crapple: Those of us who actually HAVE a woman in our life appreciate OCheri. My wife looks great in their stuff, and it makes her feel sexy.
And when my wife feels sexy...good things happen :)


@wootmeharder: I'm not sure I agree with the overall tone of this post, but I definitely approve of the statement: "When my wife feels sexy, good things happen."


@browncoat42: There is a LOT of stuff on this site that I don't want or need...but I don't have to go out of my way to flame it. Seriously people need to lighten up already.


@wootmeharder: I understand. Haters gonna hate. (See most recent post by crassmonkey). Let's not be haters, is all.


@wootmeharder: Actually, I think they just don't like girls.
Or their idea of a significant other has a last name of ".jpg".
For a work thing? I mean, the actual thumbnail is actually smaller than my thumbnail. For someone else to see what that thumbnail on my PC looks like means that person is not looking over my shoulder, but is in my lap. And why are you doing this instead of work?
There are a lot of things on woot I'm not interested in, and as an American it's my choice to click on them or not. What these haters are advocating is to have the freedom to tell you what freedom you can't have. They want to say what you can or can't say. It's a form of cyber bullying, and as such it means the social terrorists are winning. Just a little bit, bit by bit, but they're winning.


@nrsgdbdy: Nope...hers definitely do NOT hang low :)


@crassmonkey: Maybe Woot just likes lingerie...

Actually, you'll notice that @ohcheri actually contributes to the community (more in the questions than posting deals) and is not just here to post her own stuff.

Also, posting an average of one deal per day from her website hardly seems like spam to me ("spam" was mentioned in a now-deleted comment). Also, the deals she posts are actual discounts compared to the current pricing on her website.

Lastly, the fact that Woot has other competitor's lingerie ads on the sidebar tells me there is probably no special deal between woot and ohcheri.


@crassmonkey: Dude...having a mutually beneficial business relationship with another company does NOT mean there is some secret, behind the scenes kick-back going on. seriously need a girlfriend. Might I suggest this really great lingerie site I know about....