dealsm*a*s*h: the complete series + movie for $79.99…


Just a comment that this is not the complete "Martinis and Medicine" compilation of all the seasons; it's all the seasons as they were sold separately. I'm not sure if this leaves out any of the special features (I don't believe it does) or just makes for extra packaging.

One more thing: Yes, this is on TV all the time. . . but the syndicated episodes are nowhere near complete. I've been a huge MAS*H fan since I was 14 but when these DVDs came out there were scenes I'd never seen before.

This is tempting, but for now I will continue to stick to my "Borrow From My Father When I Feel Like Watching MAS*H" collection.


@curli76: LOL! Your "Borrow From My Father When I Feel Like Watching MAS*H" collection deal is an even better one than this. Go for it!


I clicked the link and Amazon is listing the price as $296.98. What gives?


@kenbowen: This was yesterday's deal of the day. The way DW is sorting deals to the Popular tab these days just sucks.


At 300 bucks for the set, that's 25 dollars per season and an extra 25 bucks for the movie. The movie runs like 10 bucks on Amazon, and you can find the seasons for 18-20 dollars on Amazon, saving you around 70 dollars if you buy it piecemeal as opposed to this set.

At 80 bucks it was a deal, but at 300 it's a complete f*cking ripoff.