dealssalomon trail & hiking shoes – all 40% to 50% off


@nosty: lol, just realized I wrote "the shipping prices in accordance with the shipping charges".....the second part should have been "shipping times".

Give me a break, please. I'm going into hour 26 at a client go-live =(


@fit410s still with the disguised referral links I see?

I like LLS but I'm sorry I just think its dishonest to be getting credits like that. By now you must know its against woot's rules. Oh well whatever. You'd think LLS has built up a good enough reputation and following that they can do away with the referral crap. Thats something sheisty sites do, not reputable sites...

/rant, sorry.


Still not a fan of the return policy. When you are an online shoe seller you have to take into account that you're product varies greatly even within the same brand. There are going to be some items that just don't fit no matter what and people are not going to happy about being forced into getting a store credit especially considering how liberal of a return policy many of their competitors have. Especially when paired with the lack of reviews on products that could forewarn others about sizing issues.


@jdpman: Say what you want about sheisty sites, but I've bought from this place twice and paid far less than what I would have via other sites and/or brick & mortars. My last purchase was through their iPhone app and I saved the cost of shipping that way as they give you a discount for purchasing through the iPhone app.

Furthermore as to the deal, it looks like they have some reasonable sizes which is usually the problem with these fire-sales on shoes. The GTX hiking boot for instance has whole sizes from 9-13 as well as one half-size (11.5).

@idontkn1: I haven't had to return anything yet, so I hadn't run up against that. Thanks for the info.


@idontkn1: I agree on the return policy. I would gladly pay more for shoes with a complete refund. I do not want to fund their store with my money if I am not happy with their product. I will not shop here as a result.


@jdpman: Referral credits are a way for any member to invite their friends to LeftLane Sports. There is absolutely nothing hidden or disguised with our referral program. If you invite a friend, that friend gets a $10 credit on any purchase of $50 or more in merchandise. If the friend makes a purchase, you will also get a $10 store credit on any purchase of $50 or more in merchandise. Both friends benefit.

@idontkn1: As for our return policy, we completely understand that store credit or exchange does not work for everyone. That is why we try to make the policy as visible as possible by placing a link to it in every product page. Many other sites do offer refund to the original form of payment, but you will also have to pay 2-3 times the price since these deals are exclusive to LeftLane Sports. Our policy is in line with all of our competitors, as most flash sale sites only offer store credit. We also offer exchanges.

Hope that clears things up!


@jdpman: any smart company has a referral savings situation

btw I posted this deal many days ago


My apologies if my earlier late night rant came off sounding negative towards LLS. My only comment that I meant towards LLS was that you don't see a lot of mainstream retailer sites doing such refer-a-friend offers on their sites. I know its a word of mouth marketing tactic and it probably works well for you guys, but it seems like something a small operation would do. I have shopped with you guys several times and have never had a bad experience, so my apologies if I sounded negative.

I just don't like when @fit410s disguises their referral links to look like non-referral links. Their post from before was deleted.

@fit410s, it wouldn't bother me so much if you were honest and came out and said "hey you can get $10 off and so can I if you use my link" but instead you try to make it look like its not a referral link for yourself. But it doesn't matter what my opinion is because WOOT DOESN'T ALLOW REFERRAL LINKS. So why do you keep posting them if its against the rules?


@jdpman: Good work! The illegal referral links have been removed. Now I can shop without having to give any losers who post those links any credit when they don't deserve it.


yes lets make sure all deals people post on this website have a disclaimer stating, this is my affiliate link or referral link

you do know 60-80% of all deals on this site are referral or affiliate links. might even be a higher %

some people would rather have a referral link not look like its linked to that person, its just personal preference, and really just choice.

kinda silly to get all worked up and name calling, when another human is helping others save even more.

peace and love to you all, even the grumpy name callers


Not a good deal. Google some of the models and they seem a bit cheaper elsewhere.


@badboyhao: well with the 10 buck referral first order discount & 10% lls mobile first order discount, there is zero way any place can beat leftlanesports

show me a link to a better deal and i will believe it


@fit410s: Well if you use a referral link, of course. But even then it's only a few dollars cheaper. Eastbay sells for a few bucks cheaper and free shipping (which should break even with the $10). An even more reputable seller and you can save that $10 referral for later. Not here to argue over your referral ethics, just saying the prices from LLSports ain't so cheap even with the 40-50% (so called) discount and the $10 referral.