dealsthe ultimate bundle for iphone 5/5s or iphone 4…


Has anyone purchased from this vendor? Looks like a good deal.


The iPhone 5/5S cable isn't certified. If it isn't certified, the phone won't charge. Unless you want the other stuff, which is a bit of a crapshoot because of the electronics issue in fake chargers that moved Apple to "buy back" fake chargers and give you certified ones for $10, move along.


@ooglek: It will charge, there is a 100% chance itll charge but that charger may only work for 1 day or 1 year, thats the problem with cheaply made knockoffs


If the price sounds too good to be true... Unless someone I knew told me they tried these and they worked I would not waste my money.


The best advice I can give you pertaining to this deal is; STAY AWAY FROM THIS CR@P!

At the very least the charger won't work or won't work for very long. In a worst-case scenario it could damage your phone.


Many scary reviews on Amazon... It's not worth the gamble...


But does it waterproof your phone?


You get the charger with the phone, right? And we're almost all near computers during the day, right? What need is there for another wall charger?

I have used the mother site to pick up cheap 6' iphone cords. Face it, that's all you'll really want out of this. There are better charges (even non-iPhone ones) out there. For the car charger, I forget the name of it, but it has two usb ports, one which will charge the iPad, the other for the iPhone. For only a couple of bucks more than this 'deal'.


I have actually got this same bundle when I first got my Iphone 5.
The screen guards work fine, I already had a case for my phone and liked it better than the one provided, the car and wall adapters are the same quality as one you'd get from Apple, the headphones work great.

The only problem would be the charging cable. It worked when I got it, and still does work for the most part. It only works if I insert it a certain way and sometimes it will go out of charging. However, when it works it works great and it recently just started having this problem.

If you just got an Iphone I would recommend the kit.