dealscenterex grounded surge protector w/3-prong plug…


I thought this was a good deal too, when I put it up half an hour earlier. I guess you did do some research though, so it's all good I suppose ...


Yes, I did some research. But you beat me to posting it & you should get credit for the deal.

The problem here (as far as I am concerned), is that I also carefully checked to see if anyone else had posted the deal already before I posted it. (I refreshed the fresh view, and then went back over every deal until it was listing deals from well before midnight. I KNOW that your deal wasn't listed. I did this because the same thing happened to me with the HDMI cables from 1saleaday, only I merely used the dupe checker feature in the woot this deal button. I was able to kill that dupe because I saw it was a dupe within five minutes.)

I'm thinking that something is wrong with deals.woot here. I'm not sure whom to invoke for this... er.. @thunderthighs can you send this to the right person please? (If you feel it merits a look.) (I'd also say you should delete it as a dupe if it won't mess up any evidence of a problem.)


Thanks for for 2


Thanks for your reply - and the heads-up that the dupe checker can't be relied on. :-( I haven't posted many deals, but this is the second one that was stepped on. I wish woot's dupe-checking software was a little more robust ...