dealstake $10 off $30, $20 off $50, $30 off $100 & more


so i get a 33% discount if i buy $30 worth of stuff; 40% if i buy $50; and 30% off if i buy $100.


"Math Is Hard" --Barbie


Ordered from them a couple months ago when a similar deal was posted here. Got a flywheel for effectively half price when I added it to my clutch kit. They shipped quickly. No problems.


Does not work on Mobil1 0W-40W ... boo


Yeah, the coupons don't work on oil. they have "oil change specials" though so watch for those.

The silly thing is that these are online only codes. I have an Advance near my house. It's much cheaper to shop online and pick up in store than to just walk in and shop. It's sometimes best to do multiple orders also.


docflash is correct so be sure and split your job up into a bunch of smaller orders if possible. When I put brakes on my car this summer I split it up into 3 orders so I got almost $160 worth of stuff for under $100

Only down side was the guys at the store thought it was a mistake so I had to wait for them to pull one of my 3 orders. ( 2 orders were exactly the same, 1-29.99 front rotor, 1-19.99 rear rotor, 1-$0.99 roll of shop towels)


i have to buy an alternator asap, this code has their alternator way cheaper than the competition.