dealstrademark tools 24 bin parts storage rack trays…


@tristicus: Most of the meh is because the packaging on Amazon is such that it tends to arrive without hardware :/

My only problem with it is that I have to clean of my friggin' workbench!


No deal. Harbor Freight has the same item for $39.99

Yes, shipping is $7 which makes it a bit more. However if you have a local Harbor Freight store, chances are you have a 20-50 percent off coupon sitting in your mailbox/junk mail. No coupon, no problem! Get a 20% one from here: Picking it up in person will drop the price to $32 + tax (no shipping, 20% coupon).


This was $29.99 at the last Harbor Freight sidewalk sale. Side note on coupons: Watch the fine print. I've learned they keep releasing different kinds of coupons. Ones you can use on sale items and ones you cant use on items that are on sale. The 20% off one in Popular Science or Popular Mechanics (one of those 2) cant be used on items that are on sale.