dealsdr. martens women's corin mary jane flat shoe for…


How did this get to be a front page deal? People don't usually care about shoes here unless it has controversial toe storage space.


@achyder: Because they're Docs, of course, not mere shoes.


@achyder: because they are Doc's and girls looking smokin hot in these with high white socks


Holy Cow, the “vintage” (made in UK) versions now go for over 200 bucks!!!
Now, where are those Green $30 (20 Pound in the day) ones I bought in the early 90’s that were worn twice…


@primussucks: Exactly. And if you have commonly-sized feet (like mine) it is nigh impossible to find vintage Docs at a thrift, especially in my hipster metro area. I did score a pair of purple 6-hole Oxfords last year but I haven't yet found an occasion on which to sport them...