dealsdonnie darko (10th anniversary edition) (blu-ray…


Caan't believe that was 10 years ago that was out. i'm getting old


My favorite movie of all time. You can't go wrong with this one.

FYI, The Original Version is much better than the Director's Cut. Both versions are worth watching, but watch the original first.


You know, I remember people drawing fan art and stuff of this show, but I have actually never seen it. I had only thought it was a comic, not a movie. Good find, and I have to go to Wally anyways.


Great movie. The secrets are all in the Roberta Sparrow's book. Wish it existed and I could read it :) The wiki has spoilers.


awesome movie. for some reason if i watched this movie with a girl i was into, she would end up making out with me. i don't know why this movie, but hey, if it worked for me it might work for you.


Twenty-eight days... Six hours... Forty-two minutes... Twelve seconds...


@misterchips: I agree but which version does the blu-ray have, or does it have both? Doesn't seem to say anywhere...