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Now why would I want to buy a collection of Rush Limbaugh's greatest radio shows? That's just silly.


I didn't know he was from Canada....


There's a band named "Rush"? Clearly, someone needs a new name. Either these people or that Limbaugh guy.


Now I can clear this up: Canadian one is a THINKER...and the other is a STINKER


Rush, one of the most over rated bands ever.

I don't comment often.


One of the few I don't have, so I'm in. Eventually I'll finish my collection...


@necrix: I have heard this for YEARS...However everytime I go to one of their concerts...there you people sit (in amazement) and they have Staying power, That in itself makes them GREAT! Just saying!!!


One of the greatest bands of all time. Dumb people don't get them, though!


@necrix: And with comments like that, we thank you for not commenting often. Not that I need to tout their stats, but there's a reason that Rush is directly behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the most consecutive number of gold or platinum studio albums of all time. There's also a reason why they've been around almost 40 years and are still selling out their shows on tour. There might also be a reason why Neil Peart is considered one of, if not the best drummer of all time, and Geddy Lee ranks right up there at the very top of the list for bassists. Alex Lifeson is certainly no slouch either, just stuck behind the brilliance of his band mates. Yeah, guess that makes them overrated. Smh


@necrix: Let's see you do better than Rush.....


@cinoclav: What you said... ditto.

The whole reason I started playing bass was Geddy Lee. First bass was a Rickenbacker 4001, just like his. I got laid an awful lot for an otherwise regular lookin dude because I played in a band. Gotta give Rush props for that...


@necrix: What an uneducated comment. Another Rush fan here....


@skrutinizr: Lol - Love that. One more thank you to Geddy!