deals1550 psi electric power washer- black & decker…


Sadly all this reminds me of is that I worked with someone who was stupid enough that after he powerwashed his siding (and broke sections off) decided the best way to clean off his muddy legs was to powerwash them...hellooooooo ouchies


Just my 2 cents...if you want a power washer (that will last) get a gas powered unit. $89 is a great price but if you want it to run more than a few days look elsewhere with some more cash.


Save your reciept so you can take it back .... At least it will be from SEARS and not a little no name shop

Every electric power washer has craped out on me within a year

Honda gas motor is the only way to go


I've had an electric Harbor freight pressure washer for 5 years or so that still runs great.

As I recall it cost me 40 dollars on one of their sales.

Not saying this is the norm, but I have abused the daylights out of it, so they can sometimes last.

That said, they do tend to be a little imaginative with the PSI ratings, and as many people have told me, it isn't the psi alone that counts, it's the water flow PLUS psi that gives a good pressure washer it's clout.

The electric ones do work, but it's not like you're going to want to pressure wash your whole driveway with one. You could, but it would take forever.

When my HF one inevitably dies, I'll likely step up to a gas powered one with a higher water output. It's incredible how much use you can find for one when you have one.


I just want something to wash away all those blasted spider webs, old wasp nests, and bird droppings. Yuck!!


Yeah they're really very good for those bits of wasp nets that seem to accumulate.

One other thought about house washing. If you have slatted siding, you can literally destroy your walls and insulation washing at the incorrect angle with a pressure washer.