dealsplano ammo can - set of 4 for $27.98


Grand Total for 4 = $35.48

So $8.87 shipped per unit.

They're $10.49 with amazon prime 2 day each. So if you're just looking for 1 or 2 I'd do Amazon, if you're looking for 4, then do this deal.


Keep in mind, these are plastic. There should be a law against calling something a "can" if it's made of plastic. At best, consider these extra-large tackle boxes, which is essentially Plano's primary product.



The Plastic Police! PUSH the Red Button!


The fact that these are plastic could actually be important. I have a couple of these and if you fill them with ammo, the lid bends when you pick them up. So much so that you could actually turn the can upside down and get ammo out of it.

Not a big deal if you just need the storage and aren't trying to keep someone out of your ammo. Just something to be aware of.


Walmart sells similarly sized cans from Black Hawk that are metal for I think around $16.99.
If you just need sealed dried storage for in your closet or your basement I think they'd work fine. Or if you reload like me they are handy to put brass or completed rounds in. If I was going on a rugged adventure I'd probably take a metal one.


The usually reason for recycling ammo cans is because they are air and water tight, even when somewhat abused. The plastic ones I have bought are OK for light storage, but ar in no way water or air tight, even when not abused...You can get a nice metal can in the $12-$20 range, depending on size. I have some that are 30 years old and still tight as a drum....Spend the extra money. You won't regret it...


FYI, these are at Bass Pro for $6.99 each during their Fall Hunting Classic sale (stores only, not online). Also they have the next version up (taller with small storage compartments on top) for $9.99 each. But you will have to hurry up and get them as people were getting 3 - 5 at a time yesterday (the even started on Friday) at my local Bass Pro (Independence, MO).


Awww...looks like it's dead.
Dang, I could have used these.
I guess I'll have to find a Bass Pro.