dealsskullcandy ink'd earbuds for $7.98 + free shipping


Awesome price on some surprisingly decent headphones. 11mm speakers provided TONS of bottom-end bass. Even songs with deep bass are reproduced pretty well. They come with TWO rubber ear piece sizes. Every advertisement I've seen says 3, but I've read tons of reviews about people saying theirs only came with 2. Mine came with 2 as well.

If I had to make a complaint about these, it would be about the quality of the cord. It's not SUPER thin. But it does feel a little flimsy. I've had mine a couple months. Still work fine. So we'll see.


Just bought some skullcandys not these but similar a few days ago definitely one of the best value in ear headphones ive purchased soo far.


I'm on my second set of these and I've been super impressed considering the price (paid $15 at Target). At this price it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to pick up another set just in case the cat decides to floss with mine again.

Oh, and FWIW, both sets I bought came with 3 ear pieces.


The first pair of these I bought came with 3 sets of ear pieces. Although the pair I bought last week only came with 2. I think they used to come with 3, but now they only come with 2.

+1 for a decent pair of ear buds at a low enough cost that it doesn't really matter if they break.


My girlfriend has a knack for wrecking earbuds, so she ends up buying 99c store pairs that sound truly awful. After the positive comments I'm getting her a set of these, even if they don't last too long the $8 won't be sorely missed.


@bangcreosote In my experience, the Smokin' Buds have better sound quality than the Ink'd Buds. The 3 different pairs of Smokin' Buds I have all have a volume control on the cord as well.


Can't believe I am asking a question about $8 earbuds, but, mic or no mic?


@philrobj: no mic. no volume control.

Which I prefer BTW. :-)


Great price! Not to mention SK gives a lifetime warranty on them. Had a pair for over a year and one side stopped putting out sound. One email later and I had a new pair on the way to me, totally free of charge.


@roarks: Good point. If you view their website, they say that they'll give you credit towards a new pair even if it's your fault.


I have a pair of these and I prefer them over the Bose headphones that I have


boo!! I needed some new phones too..


Bought two sets and so far one is very poor quality when used for hands free on my cell phone;