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Great compact mouse for a good price. Good battery life, durable, highly recommended.


I got two of these about 6 months ago when they were having a similar deal. Both are doing just fine. They both are running on the original battery that came in the box. I use one of them at work all day too. They are a little small (medium sized male hand) and I palm the mouse, so the tips of my fingers sort of drape over the front/top of the mouse, but I've gotten used to it over the months. Unfortunately, scroll wheel doesnt have side tilt buttons, and no thumb buttons, but it certainly gets the job done for what it was made for.

My ONLY gripe is that you cant hold down the left mouse button AND scroll at the same time very easily. The mouse button bottoms out on the scroll wheel and makes it hard to turn. Ive only needed to click and scroll simultaneously a handful of times, but if you find yourself doing this often, it might get annoying.


I recently got this mouse as part of a mouse/keyboard combo. The one I got was too imprecise and I was not able to control it to my liking. I will say that Logitech support did their best to be helpful, but in the end suggested it was probably defective and to return it. I got an M705 instead and am much happier with that.