dealssnickers® - 2.07 oz. - 48 ct. - sam's club for…


Just to save people from doing the math...that's 56 cents per candy bar.


IMHO, not a good enough deal to buy that many.


Same size candy bar is $1.19 at the local QT gas station.... not including tax.


Isn't this normal price at Sams?


@zapp brannigan: As someone that worked there last year: Yes. Unless they've changed prices, which was almost never, and if it happened was in something like the meat department or frozen foods as premium membership discounts were made available to basic members. The main idea to purchase those big packs of candy were for resellers. If you adore candy bars, sure, it's not a bad deal. But it's really meant for small business owners, fundraisers etc to buy and resell for some profit.. TL;DR: It's a decent price, but nothing special or on a time limit.


Membership required, but at that price something like 100 boxes a year would pay for it ;)

But then if you ate that many, you would be PACKED with peanuts!


One should not have dozens of snickers around readily available... and by one I mean I :D


Rite Aid and possibly other pharmacies still have bogo deals on all m&m products....Occuring in their adds, at least once every month or so.
And sometimes, they have 3 for $1.00. (or under 1.25 $)
Coming from a male's perspective, Dove chocolate is the only actual chocolate that m&m and mars sales. THough, I prefer the milk much more.
m&m candies are diluted with a lot of sugar to qualify. (Though they are fun to eat)
Sigh, I wish I lived in Europe.