dealsepix marvel heroes weekend - free 14 day trial


Wow, great find, thanks Op. I have cut the cable cord. I have Netflix, and was looking for something else to add to it.


EPIX is a great channel! I have it downloaded on my Roku and although you only get the free trial of all the movies, etc., for 2 weeks, after the trial you continue to get one streaming channel FREE. But it's like watching a TV station - you have to watch what's on at the time. Need to go to to see the tv schedule, but it's usually a mix of old and new movies, good comedy, and some documentaries tossed in. And all that's FREE. If you have certain cable companies you can subscribe to EPIX after the trial, but you can't pay for it like Netflix or Hulu. I can't get it on my basic cable, which is fine with me, but I still get the free channel. Great find!


@palady: Thanks. I had no idea what the deal was.


Nice. Looking forward to finally seeing Captain America: The First Avenger. Thanks!