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"Helicopter flies for approximately 8 minutes after being charged for approximately 40 minutes"

Is this the normal battery life for these RC Helicopters??


@phooka13: Honestly, it's one of the better ones. All those Air Hog ones are 6 minutes for 2 hours of charge.


the unit is a fire hazard. The instructions say to charge it for 25 minutes, and oh boy you better set a kitchen timer. Left it on the charger for over an hour by accident, and how I have a scorched mess of melted green plastic. I contacted the mfr directly to report the safety concern, and they sounded neither surprised nor concerned. They did, however, make sure that I knew it was my fault for letting it be on the charger too long. Do they really think that the children this is recommended for (9 yrs old) are going to babysit this thing for 25 minutes while it charges?


Well, mine lasted all of maybe an hour. Used it inside on carpeting.
Sure, crash landed a few times but nothing broke off.......Now the thing wont even lift off the carpeting and all it wants to do is spin counterclockwise. Now I see why it was on sale for $20 bucks