dealskohl's: extra 15% off online +99 cent shipping on…


Free Shipping for orders over $50


Only 15% off at Kohl's is still 15% too much.


Really annoying that you have to enter all your credit card info before it allows you to put in the promocode. Edit: Also, the home page gives code SNOWFLAKE for 15% off as well. They are not stackable.


@hirshy @meh3884
Try 'SMS9999' to get 20% off with no dollar limit.


Better to wait until the 13th when these coupons become available:

Kohl's Cash

Earn it 1/13 - 1/17, Spend it 1/18 - 1/28

LUV2SHOP30 - 30% off any purchase with Kohl's charge (1/13 - 1/22)

KOHLS20 - 20% off any purchase with Kohl's charge (1/13 - 1/22)

TREAT4MVC - Free shipping with no minimum purchase with Kohl's charge (1/13 - 1/22)

Hopefully we can get these to stack o_O


does anyone know how (if possible) to use these in-store without printing?