dealsmelissa & doug giraffe for $99.99


On a potentially relevant note, Costco in-store currently has giant (the number 57" inches sticks in my head, but don't quote me on that) stuffed animals on sale for (again, if I recall correctly) less than half this. If you're looking to dwarf your kids in stuffed animal goodness, you might want to call you local store to see what they've got in that respect. That said, I don't think they had giraffes, so don't consider this an either-or, instead consider a get-both. :)


A link to somewhat shore-up my shaky memory:

So this confirms it was a good price and good size, though I thought I'd seen more selection than that at my local store. It's important to note the price difference they highlight between Costco's online presence and the in-store.

Also, sorry about the you/your typo earlier. I only noticed it after the edit window had closed.