dealscanon x mark i calculator mouse for $9.99 + $5.00…


Has to be one of the dumbest ideas I've ever seen. A mouse is a device to control a computer......which already has a friggin' calculator in it.


This has one of those "laser" sensors that are notoriously bad on any surface except for a mouse pad. If you like to use your desk as the mouse pad - don't get one of these.


Lot of complaints online about connection and pairing problems. Considered it initially, but it seems more of a novelty than really being all that useful. Might have been an easier sell if it was wireless usb rather than bluetooth


Because my computer doesn't have a calculator program on it already, or anything!!


@portezbie: But does your computer have a calculator with a mouse built onto it?

I think not. Therefore, this is a much needed, original and revolutionary product. It's right up there with having internet on your phone.


@justabandnerd: No comparison there. Internet on a phone is useful, you couldn't have convenient internet on the go before that. Computers have always had calculators.

Heck, calculators have been around for ages! If you need a calculator so badly, just get one from the dollar store and save yourself the hassle of paying 15 bucks for a likely clumsy mouse.


How do you ever use this crap without clicking the buttons with your palm?? This has got to be one of the most awkward computer accessories you can possibly dream of. Or rather have a nightmare of.


@gcosta: There was lots of internet around before you had internet on your phone. There was wifi at literally hundreds of thousands of places.

But when was the last time you had a calculator on a mouse? TRY NEVER!

10 years ago, wifi all over the place.

10 years ago, no mouse with calculator on it.

The debate is over.


really sucks the orighinal add does not mention the blue tooth. It gave me a chance to read woots bizarre customer service info


1. Some laptop users would like to have the option of having a number keypad, which some laptops might not have.
2. There have been many times where I had to do multiple calculations in a row on my PC, which would have been far easier on a standalone calculator.
3. From what I read before, numbers on the calculator can be sent from the mouse to the PC.

Considering that, the 2 calculators (On the mouse, and on the PC), are not equivalent in ease of use.


@justabandnerd: The debate is just starting.

Yes, there was wifi in many places, but not in your pocket as in a phone. And please don't even start with Palm stuff.

According to your rationale, if you put a microwave oven in a TV that would be an absolutely revolutionary thing that would deserve to be praised by all as amazing. So what microwave ovens and TV have been around by themselves each doing their own stuff, you just gotta love them together because, HEY!, someone had the idea to do so.

You fail in logic, friend.


All the people saying this is a stupid idea since a computer has a calculator clearly has never done anything with their computer other than surf the internet or play games. When you're doing a spreadsheet or doing ANYTHING that requires the use of a calculator, having an actual calculator is far easier than constantly clicking off of your full-screened application to use it or running your application windowed just so you can have access to your functionless calculator.

Everyone who actually needs a calculator has one on their desk. Period.

And by the way, using google as a calculator is far easier than using the app on your computer.


Don't be Woot sucked in! I bought 3 last time, one for me and 2 as gifts...WORST WOOT MISTAKE I have made. They are awful. Ordered one white and 2 black and got 3 black and one package was ripped. You need bluetooth on computer to make it work. It SUCKs...


Re >Because my computer doesn't have a calculator program on it already. Really? So what OS are you running? As for the item = redundancy. Bluetooth only?


@gcosta: putting a microwave in a TV SOUNDS LIKE THE BEST IDEA EVAR. Get to it. I will laud your success and you can pay me a modest marketing fee.


For those stating this is a stupid idea, it actually isn't especially if your job requires you to do calculations and transfer into a series of programs. It's convenient to do a calculation on the mouse and just click on a box and hit send for it to transfer the data. And I just wanted to state that your palm does not actually press down on the keypads when you use the mouse unless your hand weighs 20lbs. I agree that the only downside is that it can only connect via bluetooth, but most new laptops come equipped with bluetooth and if not, you can get a bluetooth dongle for a fairly cheap price.


I've had my for over a year and love it. I have had very few pairing problems and it has paid for itself a 100 times over when dealing with customers that are placing an order and then ask for an each price and with one keystroke you switch from ten key to calculator present the each price and customer sees a great deal and orders more cases. The delay from switching from proprietary software to calculator to ten key and back may lose the deal. In my sales experience it is an invaluable financial tool that assists in generating real time sales.


for $15 I will get a decent mouse + a $1 calculator from dollar tree.

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You should sell this in a bundle with the Sony Tablet P. We'll call it the Bungle Bundle.


Bought this from Woot about a month ago.

No problems with connections, just click the mouse every time you use it to wake it up.

The only gripe I have over this mouse is that the ergonomics of it is just like the Apple Magic Mouse which feels very funny and unnatural from what I'm used to (a Logitech mouse) at first.

Also the mouse is very slippery on my surface (I'd suggest using it with a mouse pad if you have a really smooth surface desk) which also takes some getting used to.

Overall, it's all in the matter of getting used to the new mouse.. kind of like getting a new car.

I bought the mouse because I do a lot of calculations for financing (aka small numbers I can't calculate in my head). And yes, I could also use the numbers on the mouse as my number pad on my Macbook. Plus it freed up one USB slot since it's bluetooth.


Ah, the joys of deals.woot! I was going into the comments here with the intention of asking why anybody could possibly need a calculator mouse when the computer already does it for you (heck, Google does it for you, for that matter!). But then I saw that there are, in fact, a bunch of people who are really interested in this item which I wouldn't have imagined anyone would want. I guess this demonstrates the trouble with confirmation bias or false-consensus bias.


Does that $1 calculator send numbers or keystrokes to your computer?


You don't always know what can be helpful to you before you actually use it.

It looks like most of the people commenting against this item have never used one. They are just making up a negative opinion, without any hands on experience.

And most of the posters here who actually have one, have a positive opinion of it.


I would have been tempted, actually, because my old laptop doesn't have a separate numeric keypad. Well, technically, it has a numpad, but I keep numlock off because it doesn't have dedicated arrow-pgup-pgdn-home-end keys. The problem is, that laptop was so old and slow, it probably wouldn't have even worked with a Bluetooth dongle. My new laptop has dedicated keys for the functions I need, so I can't justify this doodad for myself... not even for 1/8 of its original price. But I'm glad to read the positive reviews.