deals60-day membership - bj's wholesale club for $0.00…


Great offer. However, you must take the application to a club location, and the closest to me is 93 miles.


Big deal! I get these things in the mail all of the time. The store closest to me closed about two years ago. The store was located on one of the highest traffic roads in the area. The prices were not that competitive so it was like paying to shop at WalMart. It really got pretty sad there about 6 months before the place especially in the "fresh" produce section. I regularly found major clearances of the refrigerated prepared foods. The building sits empty still. Maybe an Andretti Indoor Karting & Games will open there.


@barrywilliams991: Sorry that you feel that way, but a lot of us do not. If you shop carefully, this can be a great store, especially for Woot-ers. Just sayin'.