dealsstarbucks tumblers 50% off for $4.95




The reason these are so cheap, is because they are CHEAP. I have had 2, and within days they both developed long fractures and crack. I hand wash them and have never banged or dropped them. I only used them at work (we have a Starbucks on campus) so they were never tossed on a a car seat or even remotely touched anything other than hands or my desk. They are just poor quality. Both times I complained to Starbucks. Neither lasted a year with parts of the mouth piece falling off completely. I swore I would never buy another. Consider yourselves warned :)


Thanks for posting this. I keep forgetting to go and get a new mug.

Also, this weekend is buy one get one free holiday drinks from 2P-5P


@oscaroni: I've had a few of these plastic tumblers with the paper inserts for years. The only thing that has ever happened to mine is the seal breaks and the inside gets all moist and fogged up.

I hate that word, moist.


Thermos makes mugs that are good for commuting and they are vacuum insulated and stainless steel. I have one that I have had for years. They are about $15. I don't work for them or anybody else for that matter. I am a retired computer guy. If you want the best get a Thermos.


@lmsteimel: I agree completely. After I threw out my last Starbucks tumbler, I ordered this one from Amazon.

To test it, I left it overnight half filled with crushed ice. The next morning, very little ice had melted. I was amazed. Hot coffee stays hot for several hours. My Starbucks gives me $0.10 discount, plus I get an additional 20% with Freedom Pay. A grande costs just $1.51.