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I have good taste: the Mountain Hardware hooded jackets like the one shown in the ad run from just under $200 to well over $200.


Just not I got an email from them for 35% off, so this deal is not so special.

I would join the mailing list and wait for the really good deal via mail, as its better then this


@fit410s: Their various deals seem to be for different products, so don't assume that something you seen now for 20% off will be available for 35%.

That said, definitely sign up for their newsletters. they have plenty of good deals.


I bought the Sorel boots shown in the image last week and just spent the last 3 days wearing them in a deer blind. Kept my feet nice and comfy.


one thing they do that IMO is totally dishonest....

look at some of the retail prices they list. Its double or triple the MSRP or SRP that others list.

I mean its like they are listing the MRP that GQ magazine lists.

that being said, using a 35-45 % coupon with a closeout item can be a great deal.

The game they play withe SRP is so sad


@publiclurker: You have to take anything fit410s says about Sierra Trading Post with a grain of salt. Sierra will never be good enough for fit410s because they aren't LeftLane Sports.


@fit410s: That same jacket is listed with an MSRP of $950 at this site.

I can't find it on sale anywhere else. So what are you basing your $700 claim on?


@fit410s: I haven't noticed any MSRPs that have been off the mark. Most of the products I've bought from Sierra were at ridiculously good prices (especially with the 35-40% discounts that they regularly offer), with MSPRs that I've either confirmed, or have been what I'd expect.


I'm sure some items have an overpriced MSRP, but most of what I buy from STP are items I know the cost of in retail stores and I know I'm getting a screaming deal. I buy a LOT of Columbia Sportswear items from STP because I also shop at our local CS outlet and I know what the clothes sell for there. I got my daughters combination coat for half of what it was selling for at the outlet. You just have to be smarter than the average bear, know your merchandise and sign up for the mailing list and wait for the best deal. I put my items in the cart, then check back with each coupon to see what is cheapest (you can also call customer service and often they will combine 2 deals, if you put forth the effort).


@traquy: yeah those items stay in the cart longer then anyplace I know !!