dealsswarovski red crystal rose with 24kt gold plated…


Would be nice if the down voters would post why they down voted.


@mrsmoofy do a search on 'ask the community' if you really want to know.


@steveysjs: no results found that was pointless.


I have ordered from Shadora in the past and never had issues. They have a lip gloss for a buck as an add on that I think is a great deal -


@mrsmoofy: Because Shadora is about as shady as it gets with jewerly. They use larger than real-life pictures, so you think you're getting a bigger piece. They misinform customers about actual gemstone content and weight, and are pretty much just an outlet for junk costume jewlery. I've seen them advertise 1 Ct diamond earings for under $100. Let's go with the old saying..If you believe that price, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.


@ricka182: They use the large picture to show detail and if you read in the descriptions they give you measurements. I think it is up to the buyer to read a little before buying. I have bought from them with no issues but I also realize that you do in many cases get what you pay for.


I did not up or down vote, but IMHO, I don't care what the quality is, I just think it's tacky---as are those gold dipped roses that sell around Valentine's Day for $100.
If I'm going to get roses, I want real ones---even if it's only 1.