dealsget your own zombie outbreak - 60 finger zombies…


This is priced normally and shipping is not free. How is this a deal?


Deal or not, I only have 20 fingers and toes, what do I do with the remaining 40. . . wait . . .okay I'll need one more, so what do I do with the remaining 39?


Beware: The 5 zombies you see in the photo are the only 5 designs there are. The other 55 are repeats.

edit: You can get just one of each here:


I think Zippy The Pinhead Has that Comment Saved to his Clip board.


@zippy the pinhead: Have you found them for $.66 a piece? seems pretty dealicious to me!


@fleamarketadict: Those are $4.95 + $5.95 Shipping = $2.18 a piece
This Deal is $39.99 + $7.95 shipping = $.80 a Piece
Just Sayin' :)


@artdoug: You sir, are correct. But after you pull out a set of 5 for yourself, what do you do with the other 55 repeats? (These are packed randomly, so there is not much chance you'll actually get 12 sets.)