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I just bought this from woot a couple weeks ago. I'm really happy with the sound, the base can be heard throughout my entire house when only turned less than halfway up (my house is a fairly small shotgun-style with wood floors throughout). We just had some computer speakers hooked up to the TV before so it's a big change! The remote controls bass, treble and master volume but doesn't turn it on or off. Didn't bother me because I leave it on anyway. The only thing I'm not crazy about is how big and bulky it is, but I already knew the specs when I bought it. Overall I'm really happy with my purchase.


I was a little less happy with mine.

I think it sounds very much like a louder TV speaker in quality.
The bass dwarfs the middle (of which there is no setting to equalize). It also buzzes on my one when cranked up to a high bass level.
Treble can be raised to level the sound stage moderately but only if the bass is kept very very low.
Without the ability to level the middle, the overall sound heard is a little bit muddy.

The remote is minuscule and will be incredibly easy to lose.

The overall stereo effect and separation perceived is a very subtle one at the best of times.

Don't get me wrong, this is a slight upgrade from a TV speakers, and I bought mine while my amp is being repaired so we'd not be without sound, so for the price, I think it's fairly reasonable.
Just don't expect high end stereo amping here and you won't be disappointed.

I was happy to find that it came with an optical cable too :)


I bought one of these for my mom for her birthday, and I have to say I am impressed with it! Of course it is not going to replace a 5.1 system(not even close) but it is definetly a huge improvement over the TV sound. The issue I have is I have not been able to program the universal remote from the cable co. to operate it? Kinda a bummer as you have to juggle remotes....


I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago. It was easy to install. I had to turn down the bass to keep it from being boomy, but for TV work, it's just fine. Worth $59.55.